Who are your PSO-HNS Specialists?

Did you know that there are only 661 registered surgeons in the Philippines who are qualified to crack open your nose and remove your polyps? There are only 623 who would take on the tedious, sensitive and ultra specialized surgery of draining out your ear so you could hear again?

These 623 who are super specialized, brilliantly trained surgeons who can take your broken face, do a “Face –Off” after an accident; with you living to tell about it!

The men and women of the Philippine Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery ARE these highly trained specialists who perform the difficult, back breaking surgeries no mere surgeon would EVER attempt to do.

They are our heroes who live in the real world despite their other worldly, God given gifted hands. Be sure the doctor looking in your ear is one of them.


1.Promote excellent, educated, skillful, ethical, research-oriented, fair, compassionate, and globally and nationally relevant clinical practice of the ORL-HNS specialty among its members
2.Provide opportunities for the conduct and dissemination of researches and evidence-based health policies
3.Enhance public health promotion programs in the care of ear, nose, throat – head and neck conditions
4.Engage in professional, efficient, effective and organized operational systems within the organizational structure of the society
5.Assist members in their growth as professionals and individuals within the society and in their communities


A globally and nationally recognized foremost professional society of excellently trained, educated, ethical, research-oriented and socially responsible doctors specializing in the care of ear, nose, throat – head and neck conditions

Board of Trustees 2022

Frederick Mars B. Untalan, MD

Conrado Donato A. Pabico Jr., MD
Vice President

Ricardo L. Ramirez Jr., MD

Christine Joy S. Arquiza, MD

Mohammad Ariff A.Baguindali, MD


Olma C. Carpiso, MD, FPSO-HNS

Robert R. Dy, MD, FPSO-HNS

Ma. Lourdes B. Enecilla, MD, FPSO-HNS

Armando T. Isla, Jr., MD, FPSO-HNS

Anna Marie R. Manganti-Estimo, MD, FPSO-HNS

Chester Rosario J. Puño, MD, FPSO-HNS

John Rodolfo D. Suan, Jr., MD, FPSO-HNS
Immediate Past President

Natividad A. Almazan, MD, FPSO-HNS< br/>
President, PBO-HNS”

Chapter Presidents

Julio A. Eming, MD, FPSO-HNS
Northern Luzon

Francis T. Chan, MD, FPSO-HNS
Central Luzon

Kathrina A. Diaz, MD, FPSO-HNS
Southern Tagalog

Melanie M. De Leon, MD, FPSO-HNS

Simon John Eric T. FloresS, MD, FPSO-HNS
Central Eastern Visayas

Anna Marie R. Manganti-Estimo, MD, FPSO-HNS
Western Visayas

Danilo R. Legita, MD, FPSO-HNS
Southern Mindanao

Armando T. Isla, Jr., MD, FPSO-HNS
Northern Mindanao

Sharon T. Barraquiel

Melissa B. Martinez

Rochell D. Maurat
April Christine A. Dagame