PSO-HNS, PAR, PAORLACI brave Super Typhoon to plan 400 seedlings at La Mesa Watershed

Last September 25, 2022 the PSO-HNS Board of Trustees together with the PSO-HNS Secretariat, members of the Philippine Academy of Rhinology (PAR) and Philippine Academy of Otorhinolaryngic Allergy and Clinical Immunology (PAORLACI) braved the threat of an approaching super typhoon to plant 400 seedlings of malapapaya in the La Mesa Watershed as part of their commitment to promote clean air and a healthy environment for Filipinos.

The La Mesa Watershed is the last remaining watershed in Metro Manila. This supposedly protected area is getting ever smaller due to commercialization. Let’s hope and pray that our small contributions can help in the fight to preserve and maintain the “green lungs” of Metro Manila.

“To plant trees is to give body and life to one’s dreams of a better world.” – Russel Page 

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