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Philippine Academy of Rhinology

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Philippine Academy of Rhinology

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About us

We have regular monthly meetings with an academic lecture and special activities.

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News and Activities

Regular Activities:

Regular monthly meetings with an academic lecture

Special activities:

KarlStorz Academy Basic and Advanced ESS Course. Feb. 19-21, 2019. The Medical City

Concluded activities in 2018: 5th PAR Endoscopic Sinus

Surgery Course: Mastering the Basics. Feb. 27-28, 2018. The Medical City

Practical Rhinology: Diagnosis and Management of Common Nasal and Sinus Disorders Postgraduate Course. November 28, 2018. Veterans Memorial Medical Center

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Board of Directors

Chair: Peter Simon Jarin, MD

Vice-Chair: Rodante Roldan, MD

Secretary: Niño Bernardo Timbungco, MD

Treasurer: Norman N. Mendoza, MD

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Ambrocio, Giancarla Marie, MD

Bagauisan, Kathleen, MD

Enecilla, Ma. Lourdes, MD

Cabrera, Jesson Deo, MD

Calderon, Alberto, MD

Capinpin, Cecile, MD

Carbonell, Beverly, MD

Chua, Ryan, MD

Cruz, Emmanuel Thaddeus, MD

de Leon, Cesar, MD

Dimacali, Bernardo, MD

Embate, Jose Raindrop, MD

Espiritu, Anne Marie, MD

Estolano, Patrick, MD

Felix, Kennard, MD

Ferraren, James, MD

Gelera, January, MD

Guevara Jr., Eutrapio, MD

Hernandez, Josefino, MD

Jacutin, Stephanie, MD

Laxamana, Joman, MD

Legaspi, Ernelli, MD

Lerma, Jesus, MD

Lopa, Ramon, MD

Lorenzo, Jr., Armando, MD

Munar, Israel, MD

Nufable, Christien Marie, MD

Ong, Edmund, MD

Ramos III, Ramon, MD

Rivera, Rodolfo, MD

Rodriguez, Kathleen, MD

Rosqueta, Robert, MD

Singson, Gerald, MD

So-Singson, Aimee, MD

Vicente, Gil, MD

Victoria, Francisco, MD

Villafuerte Jr,, Cesar, MD

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