Who are your PSO-HNS Specialists?

Did you know that there are only 661 registered surgeons in the Philippines who are qualified to crack open your nose and remove your polyps? There are only 623 who would take on the tedious, sensitive and ultra specialized surgery of draining out your ear so you could hear again?

These 623 who are super specialized, brilliantly trained surgeons who can take your broken face, do a “Face –Off” after an accident; with you living to tell about it!

The men and women of the Philippine Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery ARE these highly trained specialists who perform the difficult, back breaking surgeries no mere surgeon would EVER attempt to do.

They are our heroes who live in the real world despite their other worldly, God given gifted hands. Be sure the doctor looking in your ear is one of them.


1. Engage in the relentless pursuit of excellence and relevance in service, training, research and advocacies.

2. Build, grow and nurture ethical, highly skilled, and professionally satisfied ORL-HN Surgeons.

3. Promote the interest and welfare of the members.



A global leader in the care of Ear, Nose and Throat –Head and Neck conditions thru the advancement of the specialty in the fields of practice, service, education, training and research.