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PSO-HNS Southern Mindanao Chapter Goes Mangrove Planting

Mangroves are shrubs that grow along coastlines and in brackish water. These plants live where land and sea connect, and one of their most important functions is to protect the coastlines from erosion, and at the same time, serve as a defense for people and their property during seawater surges. Moreover, they also serve to protect marine habitats from harmful nutrients and other inland sediments that can harm fisheries and corals. The complex root systems of the mangroves also provide habitats for many marine creatures that would boost their population.

Mangrove planting is among the advocacies pursued by PSO-HNS beginning last year, under the guidance of its Advocacy Committee. In support of this advocacy, the Southern Mindanao Chapter of PSO-HNS initiated mangrove planting last January 29, 2022, along the coastlines of Sitio Malamboon, Barangay 76-A, Bucana, Davao City. This was coordinated by Dr. Joseph Cachuela with the support of Getz Pharma and the city’s Environment and Natural Resource Office, who provided the mangrove saplings. One hundred of these mangrove saplings were planted by seven fellows of the chapter, namely: Dr. Danilo Legita (President), Dr. Joseph Cachuela (Treasurer), Dr. Bendatu Dalandag (Auditor), Dr. Arthur Salvado (Past President and Board of Trustees), Dr. Christine del Monte Dayanghirang, Dr. Duane Salud, and Dr. Manuel Tan, III. Although it will take some time for the mangroves to grow, we are hoping that our sustained effort, will leave an impact on the coastline community in the future.

Dr. Danilo Legita
Southern Mindanao Chapter