PSO-HNS Members Portal is now live!

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In our efforts to connect all members of the PSO-HNS together, we are launching the online PSO-HNS Members Portal exclusive for all member fellows.

What to find in the Members Portal?

In the online portal, you will find the following:

1. Members Directory

This is useful for referral purposes among fellows in the different areas in the Philippines which allows you to filter and search for PSO-HNS fellows in a specific region by name, or by their field of specialty.

2. Personal Profile

Here you can update your profile and clinic information for other members to view. Your personal contact details will be kept private.


You may download files such as the PhilHealth RVU file, newsletters, journals and other references you may find useful in your practice.


How to Register for an Account

This online portal is exclusive for PSO-HNS member fellows only. To register, follow these steps:

1.) Click on the Member Login menu on our website, or go to


PSO-HNS Members Portal


2.) Click on the Register here button to create your account.

IMPORTANT: Only PSO-HNS members recorded in our database will be able to create an account. If you haven’t updated your information yet (including name, email and PRC ID number), contact us at [email protected] so we can update your details in our database.

Register for an account

3. Click on Edit Profile option in the user toolbar to upload your photo and input your profile, including your field of specialty and clinic details.



If you have any questions, you may refer to the How It Works option for the frequently asked questions.


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